Be there at every step of the journey.

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Key Features

First and last-mile capabilities

Combining local transit with intercity travel services

Commerce capabilities

For extra services: ancillaries, accommodation at destination, car/bike renting


Of existing legacy reservation and ticketing systems with other forms of travel

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Timetable data hosting

With real-time operating status and capabilities to ingest data from various sources

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Journey planner solution

Based on OTP/OSM, or integrated with existing Journey Planner Systems to automate manual connection-building processes

Unified payment

And single electronic document for all journey segments, providing ticketing for the services of all involved transportation partners

About Omnitiq

Omnitiq is an Integrated Mobility Platform that combines public transit and intercity services into a multi-modal travel planning solution. It enables operators to deliver first-class Mobility-as-a-Service by providing trip planning, reservation, and ticketing services for multiple modes of transportation in a single back-end server and front-end application.



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How you will benefit

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Journey experience, rather than station to station

Consolidated customer experience

For planning, reservation, and payment across multiple touchpoints

Reduced uncertainty

About pricing, reservation, ticketing and connectivity between transportation modes

Easy access

To multiple transportation options and additional services: ancillaries, accommodation at the destination, car/bike renting


And cost-effective travel for all communities

Ridership and revenue growth

Strengthening public transport competitive position

Leverage global business model

Reduce costs for transit operators and authorities, increase social inclusion

Reduced costs

For public transportation services through simplification and the adoption of global standards and practices

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